Managers were unaware of Matt Lauer's behavior

I did not want my rape spoken about over breakfast cereal on the Today show' Mc Gowan said

I did not want my rape spoken about over breakfast cereal on the Today show' Mc Gowan said

In order to get past Lauer's misdeeds, the investigation team recommended that NBC should take "immediate, concrete steps to create a lasting culture that encourages a respectful work environment free of inappropriate sexual or other conduct". Some suggested it damages the report's credibility.

The review by lawyers means "that care was taken at every step - to avoid liability", said Jennifer Drobac, an Indiana University professor and expert in employment law.

Sixty-eight people, including current and former Today hosts and NBC News management, were interviewed during the investigation, which was handled by two outside law firms and the company's general counsel. Harris' report was primarily concerned with Lauer, and no specific complaints about others were discussed. Those allegations broke just last month; Brokaw has denied any misconduct, and Linda Vester, who has publicly accused him, has not consented to cooperate with NBC, NPR's David Folkenflik reports.

NBC has been criticized for not hiring an outside investigation firm to handle the inquiry. Many staffers told THR that they were not satisfied with NBC conducting its own investigation. Three additional women then came forward with similar complaints.

It was also stated in the report that Lauer's four accusers "confirmed that they did not tell their direct manager or anyone else in a position of authority about their sexual encounters with Lauer".

The report, which came after an internal investigation from the company, said that neither management nor H.R. had any knowledge of Lauer's transgressions before November 27, 2017.

Curry was not immediately available to clarify that on Wednesday. Most witnesses interviewed stated that they had heard or read rumors about Lauer's personal life, including tabloid stories about the troubled state of his marriage and the possibility of extramarital affairs, but those witnesses believed, with limited exceptions, that the rumored extramarital affairs were with women outside of the Company.

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Several women described to the investigators what they believed was a sexual overture from Lauer when he complimented them on their appearance in "sexually suggestive ways". Like Katie Couric recently claimed, it was misreported that the button on Lauer's desk locked his office door. "The former leaders with whom we spoke denied any such knowledge, however, and we were unable to otherwise substantiate it", the report said.

The company said it remains interested in hearing from other women who experienced sexual misconduct by Lauer.

Even though Lauer was known for being "flirtatious" in the workplace, most witnesses reportedly "had positive things to say about Lauer's demeanor in the workplace". The Hollywood Reporter details the conclusions of the report from their internal investigation, in which high-ranking NBC News figures asked workers whether they ever reported Matt Lauer's behavior to, er, high-ranking NBC News figures.

It added, "Curry declined to share with the investigation team the identity of anyone in management with whom she spoke at the time or the identity of the woman who came to her with a complaint about Lauer". "That is not acceptable".

Lack made it clear that going forward, network employees need to be more upfront about the issues they face in the workplace.

Following Lauer's firing in November over sexual misconduct allegations, NBC launched a probe into his conduct at the network.

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