Saudis will seek nuclear weapon if Iran does: minister

Saudis will seek nuclear weapon if Iran does: minister

Saudis will seek nuclear weapon if Iran does: minister

A spokesperson for the Saudi-led coalition confirmed that Saudi air defences had intercepted hours earlier another ballistic missile originating from Yemen and targeting the country's southern city of Jizan. Such behaviour is unacceptable.

Yemen's Huthi rebels quickly claimed responsibility for attacking "Riyadh Dry Port and other economic targets" in the Saudi capital with Burkan 2H ballistic missiles. And the Iranians must be held accountable for this.

"We will find the right way and at the right time to respond to this", he warned. "We are trying to avoid at all costs direct military action with Iran, but Iran's behavior such as this can not continue". Since the conservative Sunni kingdom maintains Tehran is backing the militia in Yemen, the Saudi official said the strikes amounted to a "declaration of war".

"We believe the nuclear deal was flawed", al Jubeir added.

"Speaking to Radio Sputnik's Loud & Clear, Kevin Kamps, the radioactive waste watchdog at the organization Beyond Nuclear, called Trump's decision to part ways with the nuke deal "the worst broken deal ever".

'If I allowed this deal to stand, there would soon be a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, ' he said.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has argued that his country can seek to upscale their nuclear arsenal "without limit" now.

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On Friday, Netanyahu uploaded a short video clip to his Facebook account complaining about a lack of media coverage of the visit. He leads the world's third-largest economy.

According to expert, when and if Iran decides to kick up its nuclear energy production, it's not going to take long for its weapons program to get running again, too.

In an interview with Tasnim, ranking commander of Yemen's Army General Yahya al-Houthi said if Saudi Arabia continues to kill people of Yemen, Saudi vessels and sites at the Bab el-Mandeb Strait will become military targets of Yemen's missiles.

Trump said Tuesday that he was ready to work on a new nuclear accord, one that would also curb Iran's missile programme.

And Khalid bin Salman, Saudi ambassador to the U.S., said: 'We always had reservations with regards to sunset clauses, ballistic missiles programme, and Iran's support for terrorism in the region'.

His comments came shortly after Houthi rebels fired two ballistic missiles toward Riyadh.

Trump later announced that the administration would instead be imposing new sanctions against Iran, which the US Treasury Department said would go effect in November 2018.

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