Girl receives more than 77 stitches following Mesa County bear attack — Surgeon

A five-year-old girl was seriously injured after she was attacked by a bear early Sunday morning

Girl receives more than 77 stitches following Mesa County bear attack — Surgeon

Wildlife rangers in Colorado were hunting a bear early Monday that attacked and tried to drag off a five-year-old girl from her yard. Residents in the area are encouraged to stay alert and report any sightings of a bear in the area.

The girl received more than six dozen stitches, but Breaux says she's in good spirits.

The attack happened around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday.

According to the woman, the girl had gone outside to investigate noises in the yard she may have thought was her dog. When the mother went outside, she told CPW officers that a large black bear was dragging the girl.

The CPW is requesting the public's help in finding the animal. She says the bear dropped the girl after she began screaming at the animal.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is investigating a bear attack on a child in East Orchard Mesa.

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"[The girl] has been the calmest person in the room all day long", said pediatric surgeon Dr. Charles Breaux of St. Mary's Medical Center.

The child, whose name was not released, was in a fair condition early Monday at a local hospital, NBC affiliate KKCO said.

Kimberly's recovery could take several weeks.

"Fortunately, she had no life-threatening injuries, no injuries to her brain, chest organs or abdominal organs and no fractures".

Family members have asked for privacy and chose not to speak to members of the media.

CPW officers are actively tracking the bear with the aid of federal wildlife services personnel.

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