'Gotham' Is Renewed for Fifth and Final Season by FOX

Image via Fox

Image via Fox

After months of being in limbo, "Gotham" has finally been renewed for another season by FOX.

For its fourth season, Fox moved Gotham from Monday to Thursday nights, where it had to compete with The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, and Grey's Anatomy. It has been officially confirmed that Gotham is going to have the heroes and villains continuing to walk the streets of the small screen for a fifth go-round of episodes.

The series is filmed in New York City.

Ratings were stronger in its first season and have dropped over the years, but it has a solid footing and a cult following. If Disney does end up owning both networks, we have a harder time imagining some DC Comics properties sticking around there. By getting to this point, Gotham will get to focus on Bruce Wayne turning into Batman, but the question still remains on how they will get there.

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Gotham joins a roster of scripted dramas at the "new Fox" that includes Lethal Weapon, Empire, Star, The Orville, The Gifted, 911 and The Resident, plus new additions The Passage and Proven Innocent. Fortunately, the network believes that Gotham still has a few stories to tell. As has recently been revealed, that name will never be uttered on Gotham for the character of Jerome and he won't ever have the pure green hair either, but there are reasons for it.

This era of favoring in-house content could help streaming giants like Hulu and Netflix, but there's also a new player coming to town later this year when the Warner Bros and DC Entertainment streaming service, DC Universe, debuts.

Fox have been pretty brutal over the weekend, cutting a number of shows from their schedule including "The Last Man On Earth", and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine". Gotham is now made by Fox, the same studio that got rid of Brooklyn Nine-Nine before NBC came to the rescue.

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