New Italy PM could be independent figure, top 5-star member says

Five Star Northern League close in on coalition 6 weeks after election

New Italy PM could be independent figure, top 5-star member says

On Sunday, Luigi di Maio says negotiations are continuing over who will lead the planned coalition.

Di Maio claimed to the media that the two parties have agreed that the next prime minister will be a "political figure and not a technocrat" as had previously been speculated. The.

If Mattarella accepts the nomination then the position could be filled within days. These measures are likely to set Rome on a collision course with Brussels as the new government has vowed to ignore the budgetary restrictions now in place due to the Italian government's deficit.

Salvini and Di Maio are scheduled to meet again in Rome on Monday before being received at the Quirinal, the presidential palace.

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Leaders of the anti-immigrant League and the insurgent Five Star party meeting in Milan issued a draft agreement in Milan which aimed to bridge the left-right ideological gap between them.

In a separate report, Bloomberg noted that Italy's President Sergio Mattarella has indicated that he does not intend to rubber stamp whatever they decide.

Five Star has also called for a universal basic income scheme for the unemployed, while the League supports a flat income tax.

On its own Salvini's League won 17 percent of the votes on March 4th, but it was part of a right-wing alliance including Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia party that garnered 37 percent of the vote.

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