Ryan Reynolds recalls surreal encounter with honeymooning fans

King of Mask Singer

King of Mask Singer

So Ryan made a decision to rock up as a magical unicorn and sing one of the greatest musicals numbers known to man (you know it's true) and he absolutely nailed it! "'I will have Jose's head for this", screams Deadpool after spotting Juan Mata and Alexis Sanchez, before ruing: "When you make a sequel you've to double down on your promotions or you just get buried by Infinity War".

Watch out, Deadpool - Ryan Reynolds has assumed the role of yet another masked superhero: Showtune Singing Unicorn Man!

After a glistening unicorn (complete with rainbow mane and shimmering cape) made his way to the stage to sing his sweet rendition of the classic tune, the concealed figure removed his disguise to reveal the worldwide movie star's grinning mug underneath - and the audience appropriately lost its mind.

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When the voice behind the unicorn was revealed to be none other than Ryan Reynolds, the audience, understandably, lost their frickin minds. "I'm so sorry about that song". "I've played Deadpool, but I haven't played "Deadpool", Reynolds said. "You guys pushed me to my own limits, and I thank you for that". "That's just the best, thank you", he added. When asked if he was nervous onstage, he replied, "Yes, absolutely".

"I didn't even tell my wife [Blake Lively]", Reynolds told the panel of judges.

Footballing royalty David Beckham is the latest high-profile recruit to help promote the new Deadpool film due for a global release this Thursday.

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