How to Watch the 2018 NBA Draft Lottery

Lately, teams have taken to bringing good luck totems and other various things, or even sending certain people as representatives in an odd effort to influence a drawing that has already taken place.

The NBA lottery is Tuesday, and unlike a year ago, when the Celtics entered with the best chance at the No. 1 overall pick and then actually landed it, the odds are most definitely not in their favor. After the order of the first three picks are determined, picks No. 4 through 14 are determined by record, with the worst team picking first and the best team picking last. Chances are they will not be adding a lottery pick to an Eastern Conference Finals roster this season, but the Los Angeles Lakers pick will end up in their hands if it lands somewhere between 2-5.

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The upcoming draft lottery is a great time to look back at that history, and see the kind of talent the Celtics have gotten out of the draft in the past. This of course will change next summer as the bottom three teams will all hold the same odds as one another, something for future Suns fans to worry about, we've got this year's lottery to deal with. We will have plenty of time to examine which player the Mavs should pick but first, the team has to find out where it will pick. If the pick is first overall, it goes to Philly and the Celtics will receive Sacramento's selection next year. In the three lotteries since, Orlando received the fifth, 11th and fifth picks. Watching the Sixers get eliminated by the Celtics may have been crushing, but at least this offseason should be filled with plenty of excitement, whether it's the draft or going after a big-name superstar.

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