HTC is working on a blockchain-powered smartphone for a decentralised future

HTC is working on a blockchain-powered smartphone for a decentralised future

HTC is working on a blockchain-powered smartphone for a decentralised future

HTC is developing a new Android phone that will be powered by blockchain technology.

The Taiwanese firm on Tuesday unveiled the "HTC Exodus", which it describes as the "world's first native blockchain phone". Either way, add HTC to the list of companies interested in finding profit from the subject with it's new Exodus, ostensibly a decentralized, blockchain and buzzword-packed marketing experience that may also be a phone. Moreover, it is expected that some more partnerships will be established later in order to support the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain-powered smartphones further feature integrated cold wallet storage and trade directly with other wallets without third-party interfaces.

HTC has not yet released a price tag for the Exodus, but the company did hint that it is considering accepting cryptocurrency payments once it becomes available for purchase.

The phone will also run what HTC is calling "DApps", decentralized applications also based on blockchain technology, with their own public ledgers.

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Details, including price, are now scant.

HTC has rivals the race for the world's first Blockchain smartphone. Phil would oversee blockchain developments at HTC. Others, including Huawei, have announced that it will also be making a Blockchain smartphone.

The Exodus has no specifications, though it does include some highly-marketable and probably fictitious design schematics that make it abundantly clear this is a very technical product.

HTC's bid for elevated smartphone security comes at a time of peak scrutiny for security and data privacy: Facebook's ongoing Cambridge Analytica scandal. With the current crypto-craze, the phones may sell well, regardless if they offer actual functionality beyond what users can get on their devices right now. In April, Sirin Labs said that Foxconn will make its Finney phone.

Furthermore, the phone will come with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

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