Hundreds of thousands remain without power after deadly storm pounds US Northeast

Powerful Northeast Storms Kill Two, Snarl Commutes, Knock Out Power to Thousands

At Least 2 Dead, Thousands Without Power After Violent Storms Slam US Northeast

CT officials said men in New Fairfield and Danbury died in separate incidents when trees fell on their trucks, according to The Associated Press. But in parts of Brooklyn, residents emerged from the storm to find their cars destroyed by fallen trees. Two people were fatally struck by falling trees in CT; two others were fatally struck by trees in Newburgh, in Orange County, where an 11-year-old girl died after a tree fell on her outside her home, ABC 7 reports.

The man, who has not been identified, was killed when a tree fell on the truck in which he was sitting in Danbury's Candlewood Lake area.

There was a three-year-old passenger in the vehicle who did not appear injured and was transported to Danbury Hospital for evaluation. Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. reported 78 mph wind gusts and about 1,000 lighting strikes per hour.

More than 80,000 power outages were reported across Connecticut Wednesday morning, according to Eversource.

The powerful thunderstorms that swept through the northeast Tuesday afternoon left a man and 11-year-old girl dead.

More than 157,000 utility customers in NY were without power midday Wednesday.

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Officials in CT expect full power restoration will take days and 17 state roads there remain closed due to downed trees and power lines, the Courant said.

"Please be aware that there are hundreds of downed trees, utility poles and electrical lines".

The National Weather Service said the strong thunderstorms created a small weather-generated tsunami off the New Jersey coast.

ABC said over 359,000 customers were without power in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and CT combined.

At Grand Central Station in NY, line service for Hudson, Harlem, and New Haven were suspended due to the storms, the station's Twitter feed said. Several lightning strikes led to structure fires in New Jersey and MA. Known as a meteotsnuami, it resulted in fluctuating water levels for several hours.

Schools canceled classes or delayed opening on Wednesday. Metro-North service resumed in the late evening, though some service changes continued today north of the city due to downed trees.

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