Iran says nuclear deal talks with European Union 'constructive'

Iran says nuclear deal talks with European Union 'constructive'

Iran says nuclear deal talks with European Union 'constructive'

He is gauging global readiness to guarantee Iran's interests if it decides to remain in the nuclear pact a week after President Donald Trump announced that the USA was walking away from the JCPOA, which he described as a awful deal. In a separate interview on CNN's "State of the Union", he said Iran's economic condition is "really quite shaky", so the impact of sanctions "could be dramatic".

In fact, a more nuanced position is essentially the one President Ronald Reagan adopted during the Cold War: Of course our long-term interest is in seeing oppressive, aggressive regimes join the "ash heap of history", but in the short run we need to devise policies to contain them, side with oppressed people and bolster our allies who are literally on the front lines. Instead, they were working to keep Iran in the deal at all and find ways to compensate Tehran for doing so.

BOLTON: Well, I think you have to start first with the fundamental deficiencies of the deal itself.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), known as the deal on Iran's nuclear program, was signed between Iran and six worldwide mediators (the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Russia, the United States, and France) on July 14, 2015.

Iran has been moving ahead to build nuclear weapons.

The announcement by Donald Trump that the USA would pull out of the agreement came with the restoration of sanctions against Tehran, including six individuals and three companies it claims are funnelling millions of dollars to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard's elite Quds Force.

As opposed to the pre-JCPOA period-during which, Vakhshouri says, "the U.S. State Department had to go to a lot of effort to get these companies to comply" with U.S oil sanctions against Iran, "this time, they already know the consequences for failing to comply". So, the rationale for getting out of the deal is that it was contrary to American national security interests when we entered into it, and it hadn't gotten any better with age.

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Those who are opposed to USA imperialism and all global and regional imperialist forces, need to express their support for progressive and revolutionary forces that are speaking out within Iran's labor, feminist, student and intellectual opposition movement.

The president continued, "In other words, at a point when the United States had maximum leverage, this disastrous deal gave this regime - and it's a regime of great terror - many billions of dollars, some of it in actual cash".

But of course we had these countries' "support" before, but they were not party to the deal.

The deal from the start never said hey, stop everything.

BORIS Johnson final night time insisted the Iran nuclear deal nonetheless "has worth" as he held disaster talks with European Union counterparts and Iran in a bid to reserve it.

Big losers are Iran's economically-distressed citizens, along with all others - including Israeli - who seek peaceful, secure lives for their families.

And leaving the assembly Mr Zarif revealed he anticipated to see outcomes from European leaders "throughout the subsequent few weeks". Macron was trying to convince Trump to wait, that the USA and Europe could pressure Iran to make another deal around its missile program.

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