Police Call Senior Prank "One Of The Best" They Have Ever Seen

Police Call Senior Prank

Police Call Senior Prank "One Of The Best" They Have Ever Seen

But a police department in Wisconsin is praising some of its town's high school seniors for what it's calling "one of the best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen".

Graduating students at a high school in the USA state of Wisconsin have pulled off a prank so sophisticated that even the police were impressed.

But it turned out the whole thing was an optical illusion.

Upon closer inspection, it appeared as though the wall wasn't broken but the auto was just position to the wall, which was covered in black tarp, and made to look that way. BuzzFeed reports on some end-of-year scheming by students at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin, with the school district and even local cops applauding the results.

Fans of the prank from around the country have taken to sharing their admiration on the Facebook post, too.

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And like at many high schools across the nation, seniors want to leave behind a memorable reminder of their stay by trying to outdo previous classes with creative pranks.

Not only that, but when the seniors posed with their masterpiece, they made sure to use it as a visual example of the dangers of teen drinking. "It wasn't actually a hole, though. Congratulations to all the seniors who are graduating", the Cumberland Police Department wrote on Facebook Monday.

They hauled an old junker vehicle up to the high school and positioned it as if it had just crashed into the school.

"The best part? This prank included absolutely no damage at all to school property", officials said.

The Cumberland PD was one of the first to offer its kudos to the young pranksters. "Laugh people!" one person said. Great prank! Sometimes things are just amusing! "The students worked hard to keep it clean, safe and fun!"

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