Sherpa guides scaled Everest setting new records

Everest oxygen failure accidents avoided

Summiting Sherpas Set Pair of Mount Everest Records

Lhakpa, who lives with her daughters in Hartford has climbed Everest at 6 am from the North Col (Tibet Side) with a few climbers from her team.

While many Everest climbers train for months for the arduous journey, Sherpa credits the physical demands of her job and the fact that she was raised up above 13,000 feet for her ability to climb "off the couch".

Kami Rita reached the summit of Mount Everest Wednesday morning, marking a record 22nd time he has reached the top of the tallest mountain in the world, according to Binaj Gurubacharya of the Associated Press.

Ms Lhakpa, 44, reached the peak for a ninth time via the northern Tibetan route, her brother Mr Mingma Gelu Sherpa said.

Kami Rita Sherpa made the maiden ascent of Qomolangma in 1994 when he was 24 years old.

A guide for more than two decades, he broke the previous record of 21 summits that he shared with two other Sherpas.

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With this, she is only one accent away from her dream of climbing Everest 10 times.

The first summit wave happened Monday when some 50 mountaineers and Sherpa guides scaled it.

More than 340 foreign climbers along with their local guides are attempting to climb Everest this month.

The rapid growth in the climbing industry has accompanied complaints of overcrowding on the mountain and fears that inexperienced mountaineers could run into trouble.

Alpenglow Expeditions said in a statement: "Multiple teams using the same device have experienced similar oxygen system failures".

For the benefit of those who do not know, it's worth noting that a malfunction between the bottle and mask and ensuing sudden lack of O2 can be extremely risky for those who are not acclimatised to those altitudes without supplemental oxygen.

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