Confirmed: Black Ops 4 gets Battle Royale mode

Confirmed: Black Ops 4 gets Battle Royale mode

Confirmed: Black Ops 4 gets Battle Royale mode

Treyarch is hoping to get newer players on board with its zombies mode this year, and the new "zombie rush" mode is created to offer a simpler experience that anyone can enjoy.

Last, but not least, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 does include a battle royale mode. The multiplayer mode was shown first and it actually looks like a pretty decent experience.

The "boots on the ground" focus from the previous title is still here - there is no wall running, no thrust jumping. The return of Specialists means that teamwork takes precedence in that Specialist abilities support and complement one another, so a well-chosen team that plays as such will be a formidable force to be reckoned with. Crash can also place assault packs around to give his team more ammunitions! Game Design Director David Vonderhaar stated they had to "be unique in a way only Black Ops could do", which explains the injection of Black Ops lore and mashup of different maps. Well, you can get a look at "Blackout", which is Blops 4′s take on the "hot" genre.

The zombie mode will also introduce new features like customization and mutations which will allow players to change the balance of each zombie filled level. And because they're always mixing things up, fans will be able to fight zombies on the Titanic ("Voyage of Despair"), in a gladiator arena ("IX"), and in a mysterious third location ("Blood of the Dead"). The zombie mode itself makes me want to buy this game!

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Also, the development team is keen to reinforce the idea that this will be a Battle Royale with all the hallmarks of a CoD game: high fidelity, stable framerate, a massive pool of weapons, incredible production values. Along with the larger map-size, the mode will feature playable characters from the Black Ops series' campaigns/Zombies modes/multiplayer, and various weapons and tools from the Black Ops series. It is not a surprise to be honest if you consider how the late battle royale games have been successful. Given publishers have to pay Valve a cut for every game sold on Steam, major games-makers are pushing towards their own storefronts a la Ubisoft with uPlay or EA with Origin (and of course Activision-Blizzard with The good news? They appear to be getting it right this time. Stripping away thrust boosters and wallrunning, making health regeneration manual rather than automatic, providing bespoke attachments for individual guns, adding predictable recoil patterns, and ensuring you're nearly always able to fire your weapon, even while vaulting - these changes make Black Ops 4 feel much more competitive than any of its predecessors. We do not know, however, how it will effect the sales of the game.

Glancing at the minimap, you can see your allies and their sightlines, so it's simple to cover an area without needing to communicate. The announcement elicited cheers from the crowd who were presumably exhausted of the other Call of Duty games having so much mobility. This series is gonna die really fucking fast. Neglecting to include a single-player campaign, which has distinguished the Black Ops franchise, is a huge slap in the face to gamers. Zero interest in Online only experiences. Instead of that, there will be single player missions. It willalso be the first Call of Duty game to ditch the campaign.

There you have it - all the big news from the Black Ops 4 reveal. You can play as iconic campaign or zombies characters like Sgt. Woods, Mason, Reznov, Hudson, and more.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4is out October 12 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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