Erdogan: UN Has Collapsed after Gaza Violence

Israeli soldiers clashed with Palestinian protestors at the Gaza border fence. Getty Images

Erdogan: UN Has Collapsed after Gaza Violence

For Israel, it was enough to cement its narrative. On Monday, the leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus called on Israel to stop using live ammunition against nonviolent protesters. The Israeli military said it launched five airstrikes in Gaza on training camps of Hamas militants.

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended the embassy's opening on Wednesday in an office complex in west Jerusalem.

"Vietnam maintains the consistent position of supporting the just struggle of the Palestinian people and the two-State solution with the establishment of a State of Palestine that co-exists in peace with the State of Israel, along the pre-1967 border and with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine", the spokesperson said. Palestinian officials say the vast majority of the casualties have been unarmed protesters.

"Haniyeh returned to Gaza, Hamas gave an order...and miraculously, this spontaneous protest by a public that could not handle the situation any more dissipated", Katz told Israel Radio.

A spokesman for the IDF said Hamas deployed 12 separate terrorist cells to try to breach the border at different locations.

Israeli snipers, perched behind sand berms, opened fire from the other side of the fence, killing 59 Palestinians and wounding hundreds. But he did not mention the violence.

The Israeli army has defended its actions.

"Fathi Hammad, a Hamas official, once said explaining his organization's tactics: 'For the Palestinian people, death has become an industry, at which women excel, and so do all the people living on this land".

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An Israeli cabinet minister said neighbouring Egypt pressured Hamas to scale back the current wave of protests, although the group denied the claim.

The UN Human Rights Council's announcement came as Israel faces mounting global pressure amid calls for an independent probe into the 60 Palestinian deaths. They suffer from what the World Bank says is one of the highest rates of unemployment on earth, and say the blockade makes rebuilding impossible.

"They did not have mercy on a girl, they threw gas bombs at her, they killed her with tear gas".

Hamas' statement comes at a moment when Israel finds itself largely isolated over its response to the protests.

Immediately following the embassy ceremony on Monday, attended by a 250-strong delegation from the U.S. and some 500 other guests including diplomats from a few dozen countries, Abbas dubbed the compound "a settlement outpost", using language that is nearly exclusively reserved by Arabs for Jewish home-building in Israel, which they consider to be illegal.

The Palestinian Authority, nevertheless, has declared three days of mourning for what it describes as a "massacre" of its people by Israeli forces. Though many U.S. presidential candidates have promised to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Trump was the first to follow through.

Meanwhile, In a similar development, The Palestinian Authority has also recalled its envoys to Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria after their ambassadors attended an Israeli reception marking the United States embassy's move to Jerusalem.

Guatemala was one of only a few nations that backed Trump's decision in December to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital and is only the second country to move its embassy to the holy city. Romania, the Czech Republic and Honduras have said they are considering doing the same.

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