Hamas Restored Calm to Gaza After Warnings From Egypt — Israeli Intelligence Minister

Hamas Restored Calm to Gaza After Warnings From Egypt — Israeli Intelligence Minister

Hamas Restored Calm to Gaza After Warnings From Egypt — Israeli Intelligence Minister

Meanwhile, his domestic Hamas rivals in Gaza have emerged without tangible achievements from weekly border protests in which more than 100 Palestinians were killed and hundreds wounded by Israeli fire since late March.

Israel hit a Hamas base in an air raid Thursday, the military said, adding that gunfire from Gaza had targeted its soldiers and damaged a house. Yet even the realization of this historic dream can not obscure how much more needs to be accomplished. Scheindlin is a policy fellow at the progressive Mitvim - The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies and a founding writer of +972 magazine, a left-wing publication. Hamas denies Israeli claims that it orchestrated the demonstrations, saying it supports them but that they were organised independently.

"We must strive for a future where Israel and Palestine thrive as states in which all are equally respected, and where civil society is able to play its constructive role", she said.

Avi Benlolo - CEO of the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center - said that "Canada should steadfastly condemn Hamas for inciting violence and for attempting to enter a sovereign nation to carry out terrorism..."

In this context, the humanitarian response in Gaza is focused on providing immediate life-saving health care, mental health and psycho-social support for affected people, especially children, and monitoring, verifying and documenting possible protection violations, said McGoldrick.

Italian markets spooked by populist proposal
With debt of around 132 percent of GDP and slow economic growth, Italy has always been a worry for euro zone policy-makers. It would also for the first time mean rules on how a sovereign debt restructuring in the euro zone would be carried out.

- Instructing the General Secretariat to act immediately and form an independent worldwide committee of experts to investigate the crimes and massacres committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the demonstrators in the Gaza Strip.

But Israel supporters across the political spectrum couldn't help but be moved on the deepest of emotional levels to see the United States finally recognize what we've always known, that Jerusalem is as central to the Jewish people's and Israel's identities as Washington is to America's.

There were protests Thursday outside many USA embassies and consulates around the world - including in New Delhi, Hong Kong, Manila and Istanbul - over America's support for Israel.

"Even on the left people are quite positive that he managed to get these achievements", Hermann said. Refugees and their descendants make up more than two-thirds of Gaza's population. Sixty-eight percent say improving living conditions there is in Israel's interest.

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