Here's Finally The Real Answer to Yanny Or Laurel

No this is not the Yanni you think you're hearing

No this is not the Yanni you think you're hearing

Cut to 2018, and looks like the internet has found a new thing to obsess over and drive people insane. Huffington Post got to the bottom of things in the Yanny or Laurel debate. And this time it's not what you see but what you hear.

It's settled: That viral audio clip that everybody is talking about is actually a recording of the word "laurel", not the nonsense word "yanny".

The audio clip has captured the attention celebrities, musicians and athletes.

And then, people can't decide if it's joker or youghurt. If you said Laurel you're technically correct.

Roshini Nair
Roshini Nair

"I thought I was losing it", Hetzl said. While another person stated, "Both". McCoy is hearing Laurel and Dawkins is hearing Yanny. On the other hand, a frustrated Twitter user tweeted, "what do y'all hear I am going insane?" Two words that look so different on paper can sound so alike to some, and are now causing us to rethink what we hear, reports CBS News contributor and Wired editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson.

Meanwhile, some people are coming up with a possible explanation of why someone hears a particular word.

Forget your theories people, this isn't Westworld. In other words, this audio clip could very well be an "auditory illusion".

Last Friday, Georgia high school student, Katie Hetzel was studying the word "laurel" for her literature class and chose to look it up on Let us know in the comments section below.

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