Musk wows crowd with 'Boring' tunnel vision

Elon Musk

Elon Musk wants The Boring Company to move faster than a snail. Getty

An invitation to the Elon Musk talk was issued by The Boring Company with tickets available through Eventbrite, and in the invitation it was once again reiterated just how soul-destroying Los Angeles traffic can be, according to the Los Angeles Times.

It's all part of The Boring Company's broader effort to develop a system of tunnels that could create the infrastructure needed for alternative mass transit.

Since a bad traffic commuting experience in December 2016 prompted Elon to envision an alternative mass transit solution, he has gone on to set up The Boring Company, a firm dedicated to the creation of a high-speed underground mass transportation network that Elon claims will "revolutionise" public transport.

The Boring Company's angle has always been to make tunnel digging more efficient, and Musk has purchased a second-hand machine for his company to study, which has been christened "Godot". One of the goals for that partnership is to limit interference with an existing high-speed transit study that's already underway in the region. As part of its payload the Falcon Heavy is carrying Musk's cherry red Roadster from Tesla, his electric auto company.

That plan has been met with skepticism (and a lawsuit) by neighborhood groups concerned about construction noise and other environmental impacts.

Locals have expressed some practical concerns, like whether it is safe to dig beneath a region that's prone to natural hazards like earthquakes, and whether underground utilities would be affected.

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Writing on Instagram, he said: 'First Boring Company tunnel under LA nearly done! The best news regarding this has surfaced: the hyperloop rides will be provided at only $1 per passenger!

If billionaire Elon Musk's tunnel vision comes to pass, travelers will be able to zip beneath Los Angeles through an underground Loop system at 150 miles per hour for about $1 a ride.

It's no secret that entrepreneurial maverick Elon Musk has big plans for the future of public transportation.

"Highways are at the outer limit of their capacity", Musk said, adding that there are physical limitations to how wide transportation districts can expand a freeway.

Still, questions about the test-tunnel project largely dominated the meeting on Thursday night. They say he is trying to obtain a waiver to evade environmental regulations that forbid piecemeal fast-track permitting of big-scope projects. "You won't even know we even exist", said Steve Davis, with the Boring Company. The whole tunnel will be privately funded and will not be used for public transportation, the company said.

"We are going to do everything right". Musk said there were challenges in working out a delivery system: "I guess they don't like it if you ship things with propane".

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