No Man's Sky will get cooperative multiplayer this July

Sean Murray Announces XBox One Release Date

No Man's Sky On Xbox One Gets A Release Date, Will Have Multiplayer

Update: Microsoft has officially posted about today's Xbox Update. There's now a new "Groups" tab present in the "My Games & apps" section, allowing you to make custom folders for games and apps you want to group together.

Xbox One version 1805 has been available since 8am Pacific Time, so you can grab it now.

On July 24th, No Man's Sky's "Next" update will hit alongside the game's release on Xbox One, most notably adding a full multiplayer experience to the spacefaring survival game.

Sean Murray Announces XBox One Release Date
No Man's Sky is coming to Xbox One on July 24 with synchronous co-op

We have no idea how in-depth the multiplayer will actually be but hopefully, we'll see some gameplay of the feature before the game launches this summer. You'll also notice that some games will no longer stutter and tear if you choose this output on your monitor. In listening to the community's requests, users now have the option to link their Discord account to their Xbox account, making it easier to see what your friends are playing on Xbox Live. You'll need to head to the linked social accounts settings menu on Xbox one to find this option. You can also link via the Discord app on PC or Mobile. Previously, you had to boot up Upload Studio, and that could take a little while. Tiny shelters or complex colonies that you build as a team are shared for all players.

Final of the new features in this update are enhancements to the Xbox Accessories app, Family Settings, and new intuitive button commands. There are also better parental controls with a Details page in the setting. You can press the View button to change and reorder items on the Home screen, and in the Guide, pressing View will show you additional options.

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