NY lawyer in hot water after racist rant goes viral

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A momentary rant could have long-term impact on a man caught on video threatening to call immigration enforcement on restaurant workers because hearing them speaking Spanish angered him.

A racist tirade brought lunch time to a screeching halt on Tuesday inside a Fresh Kitchen on Madison Avenue in New York City. He says they were speaking Spanish to customers too, which if they were, assumes those customers also spoke Spanish.

The customer added: 'If they have the balls to come here and life off of my money, I pay for their welfare, I pay for their (medical) care, the least they can do is speak English.

Accordingly, the fallout continues for Schlossberg: Google users have taken to reclassifying his law firm as a Mexican restaurant, while hundreds of one-star reviews have flooded the firm's Yelp page. After he was identified, some people went on Yelp to ruin his rating on the business review site. In 2016, a Hyannis native named Willie Morris posted a video of Schlossberg verbally assaulting him on the street in NY, calling Morris, who was merely walking down the sidewalk with his girlfriend (now wife), "an ugly [expletive] foreigner".

Schlossberg was also caught on video in 2016 berating a man in NY, which he called an "ugly [expletive] foreigner".

Schlossberg once clerked for a state Superior Court judge years ago, and had a West New York address, according to public records.

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"It's what makes this city great". Angrily, Schlossberg tells them to speak English and that he will call ICE, assuming that they are undocumented.

This wasn't the first Schlossberg has been publicly outed for spewing racial invective against someone in the city. "You're not. You're an ugly f**king foreigner, so f**k you!"

However, instead of alerting ICE agents to workers for speaking Spanish, Schlossberg alerted the entirety of the media to the more despicable side of himself. I'm going to call the police.

"He was waiting for his sandwich - and he heard people speaking Spanish". I'm a citizen here, you're not.

Schlossberg was also filmed a year ago outside Trump tower wearing a "Make America Great Again" red baseball cap and waving an American flag during a pro-Donald Trump demonstration created to counter protesters rallying against the President. He's been captured in multiple videos confronting people on the streets of NY over immigration. He later suggested that in order to counteract such behavior, people should "show common decency to the people around you, regardless of what they look like". "It's disgusting to me, in this day and age, that people think it's OK to walk around and be disrespectful and racist".

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