Ryan Reynolds joins Michael Bay, Deadpool writers for action movie Six Underground

Ryan Reynolds joins Michael Bay, Deadpool writers for action movie Six Underground

Ryan Reynolds joins Michael Bay, Deadpool writers for action movie Six Underground

The other element that made "Six Underground" appealing to Reynolds, besides working with Bay for the first time, is that a Netflix film does not include the world press commitments that a major studio movie like "Deadpool" requires, and will give him the chance to immediately jump back into developing the next "Deadpool" and "X-Force" pic for Fox.

For the Reynolds, the movie marks another possible franchise to add to his resume, with "Deadpool 2" off to a powerful start at the box office.

Yes, Netflix is all-powerful.

Michael Bay and Skydance's David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Don Granger are set to produce. The streaming service also landed a $30 million deal at Cannes for Next Gen (an animated movie), and Jennifer Aniston and Tig Notaro were recently announced to co-star in First Ladies (as the USA president and First Lady, respectively) for Netflix as well.

While Netflix is home to many original TV shows, documentaries, and indie movies, the streaming giant has not been shy about wanting to get into the blockbuster business.

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The project's budget shall be at least $150 million, which is about as much as the first Transformers budget.

Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds are the latest A-listers headed to Netflix. This pair going to Netflix feels like a statement for everyone involved. And this time, they're collaborating with one of the kings of the genre.

After the film was released, Reese and Wernick did confirm that the scene was in fact canon, so Vanessa is safe and sound in the X-Men universe. However, The Hollywood Reporter reports a source has described the film as involving "six billionaires who fake their own deaths and form an elite team to take down bad guys". Reese and Wernick have proven in the past that they can deliver big action and crude comedy, which just so happen to be two of Bay's favorite things. And no, I'm not sitting here as some highly intellectual movie connoisseur to complain about how "Deadpool" was too dumb for me; I simply hold the position that uncreative and obvious jokes that reference Marvel's cinematic universe and pop culture are still uncreative and obvious. We're not sure how THR's factoring Martin Scorsese's mega-budget The Irishman into that equation, but even if we set that aside: Bright set the network back almost $100M, so it's likely something in that area (indeed, we suspect it's even higher). If it's good enough for Martin Scorsese...

Not much is known about the Six Underground plot.

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