Whatsapp introduces five new updates: Know how they make your life easier

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Also, Android users can only take advantage of the group calls feature with the latest WhatsApp beta 2.18.162. This feature was already available in the iOS version of the app. The Facebook-owned company is testing more new features that will be incorporated into the app, if successful. The feature lets users select multiple contacts and connect via voice calls.

In other WhatsApp news, Express.co.uk over the weekend revealed that millions of United Kingdom users have been blocked from accessing the chat app.

Along with these new updates, WhatsApp is testing another update for Android, which will be Select All Option. Blame this convenience only that we often end up adding a bunch of new contacts in our chat list just because we quiacklywant to send a text to someone and the chat app does not allow you to send messages until you don't save that contact.

And then enter this URL on your smartphone's browser, after which it will prompt you to open WhatsApp and initiate the conversation. This feature lets you easily select all the new messages and mark them as read/unread or archive all your chats with a single tap.

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WhatsApp reportedly added a feature that gives users the option to retrieve their deleted media from WhatsApp. The media files are said to be stored on WhatsApp's server for up to 30 days, the post which they are erased.

The feature can be availed with WhatsApp beta for Android app by signing for the beta programme on Google Play. This feature will be similar to the current audio calling feature with a few changes. Well, it looks like it didn't need to since at least two of the previously announced features are now making their way to Android users. WhatsApp has lately introduced few new features like Click to Chat, Instant Link with Facebook, Group Audio Call and Media Visibility & Account Information. The feature allows you to download all your personal information that has been collected by WhatsApp including your account information and settings.

This Facebook feature has always been rumored in various reports with other WhatsApp features like Picture-in-Picture mode or playing Facebook videos instantly and directly on WhatsApp. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Deccan Chronicle and/or other staff and contributors to this website.

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