Leak: Motorola One Power brings the notch to Android One

But there's been rumored word that a sequel was stopped in its tracks as part of job and budget cuts in Chicago.

On the front, the Motorola One Power sports a notch display. A new phone, dubbed as Motorola One Power is in works and it is reported to be the first smartphone from Motorola that will feature an iPhone X-like notch. That means that not only will it add 5G support to the new Z3 Play, but it should work on older Moto Z devices as well, including the original that was announced nearly two years ago. The Motorola One also bears the word "One" in its moniker, a sign that Motorola is positioning this phone in the Android One program with little intent outside of it.

The Moto G6 is the newest handset to be added to the Prime Exclusive Phones lineup.

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The company might re-introduce the whole Motorola branding with the upcoming smartphone. This dual SIM phone has two rear cameras - 12-megapixel primary camera with 76-degree lens and f/1.8 aperture.

Unfortunately, "Moto" fans will see the "Moto" moniker, like the Moto X series, enter retirement. They went for "Moto" and "Moto by Lenovo" - and we've seen that branding move forward in Motorola's devices for the past couple of years. The deal with Prime Exclusives used to be that users would agree to lock screen ads and special offers in exchange for a significant discount in buying the phone.

The glass design may remain; pictures can deceive. As of now, the Motorola One is unofficially confirmed to launch in the U.S. However, we need to wait for the official confirmation about the availability of this device in other markets. Around back you'll find dual cameras with a layout similar to the iPhone X, a Motorola "M" dimple that likely doubles as a fingerprint sensor, and Google's Android One branding.

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