Just Cause 4 confirmed real by Steam leak

Just Cause 4 confirmed real by Steam leak

Just Cause 4 confirmed real by Steam leak

With yesterday's announcement of Generation Zero, the co-op open world shooter game self-published by Avalanche Studios, one could have thought the developers had their hands full between that game and Rage 2.

Avalanche Studios can't catch a break, can it?

The game, however, is supposed to be released by Square Enix, the current publisher of the Just Cause series. After multiple refreshes, however, the Just Cause 4 tile is still there.

In what's seen as another pre-E3 leak, Avalanche Studio's action-adventure title has just appeared on the Steam store, which suggests a pre-order will be available soon. As reported by Kotaku earlier this morning, Just Cause 4 has been leaked yet again - this time on Steam. Generation Zero also features 4-player cooperative multiplayer.

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Microsoft hasn't responded to Kotaku's requests for a comment, but we're bound to find out the full story next Monday at Microsoft's E3 conference.

Most people were surprised when there was a Just Cause 3, so when rumours emerged, via a Walmart Canada listing, that there was going to be a Just Cause 4 many assumed it was simply some kind of mistake.

Just Cause 4 has no now announced release window or platforms, but will likely be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The second announcement was all business as Nordisk film, a Denmark-based entertainment subsidiary, announced it had acquired Avalanche Studios.

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