McConnell Cancels Most of Senate’s August Recess

Senators to introduce bill reining in Trump's tariff authority

Greg Nash

Toomey, who was re-elected in 2016 and thus insulated from immediate voter blowback, engaged with the Trump administration on tariffs as early as March 8, calling them a mistake.

President Trump's low approval ratings and the swirl of controversy around the White House have Republican strategists anxious about the party's standing headed toward the fall.

Which means it could undercut what has grow to be a major weapon within the administration's hardline ongoing commerce negotiations with nations internationally - together with shut United States allies within the EU, Canada and Mexico.

They also say President Trump's push to let customers hold "short-term plans" for a full year, and let trades band together into "association plans", are spooking insurers who think much-needed customers will flee the Obamacare markets. The bill would require any intended tariffs to be approved by Congress.

Corker also expressed concern that because Trump is so heavily invested in the tariffs, rebuking him in such a way could be hard for those in a political bind. He warned that if they didn't bear fruit, he and his supporters "fully expect" to continue pushing their petition. Corker wants to make the amendment retroactive for two years so that Congress can review the controversial tariffs Trump has already announced.

Conservatives are opposed to creating a new pathway to staying in the USA permanently, equating it with granting amnesty to lawbreakers. Heidi Heitkamp, a North Dakota Democrat in a tricky re-election struggle in 2018, stated she was "very " within the proposal.

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"In general, these kinds of tariffs are a big mistake, and using national security as an excuse is a bigger mistake", Alexander said.

Corker is trying to assemble a bipartisan coalition to support his legislation, which he wants to attach as an amendment to an annual defense policy bill pending in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., center, tells reporters he intends to cancel the traditional August recess to deal with backlogged tasks. Every time they say 'nominations, ' we'll say 'lower premiums.' When they say 'appropriations process, ' we'll say 'bring down drug prices, ' " the unnamed aide said.

Both types of plans do not have to comply with the 2010 law's strict coverage requirements, so healthy people might see it as a more affordable option. Anyone who doesn't back their free trade principles is "going to have a harder time getting support from our network", an official with the Koch network told Quartz. "This modest proposal to clarify congressional prerogatives is welcome and long overdue".

"The US business and agriculture community is profoundly concerned about how newly imposed tariffs - and the inevitable foreign retaliation arriving in the next few weeks - will lead to lost American jobs", Bradley said in a statement. Lawmakers are wary of a trade war, he said, but "we're not looking for a fight with the president".

Koch spokesman Philip Ellender said it's important that Congress reassert its constitutional authority on trade decisions, including tariffs, and that the company opposes policies that impose trade barriers that will ultimately hurt individuals, businesses and communities.

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