Toronto Crack Mayor's Brother Wins Ontario Election

Ontario party leaders on your election prioritiesMore

Ontario party leaders on your election prioritiesMore

She was heralded as the Doug Ford dragon slayer.

The Tories have won a majority government.

For a few short weeks, Andrea Horwath appeared tantalizingly close to the Ontario premier's office - a prize that proved elusive once again on Thursday for the veteran politician who has led the provincial New Democrats for nearly a decade.

Some of the deep clamour for change emerged simply from the fact that the Liberals had governed the province for 15 years - a lengthy stretch of time for any political party, said Cristine de Clercy, a political science professor at Western University in southern Ontario. They receive public money to establish party offices to help them with research and other organizational tasks.

And he promises to work to win the support of those who did not vote for him.

Ford has also thrown down a bit of a gauntlet with his talk that he thinks that marijuana should be sold through private stores instead of government controlled ones, which is what the province had been pursuing under the Liberal government.

Ford's Progressive Conservatives were poised to win about 74 of Ontario's 124 districts in Thursday's election, according to unofficial results and projections from three television networks.

A March 2017 Angus Reid poll saw Wynne's approval rating dip to a disastrous 12 per cent.

Many of her cabinet ministers have been defeated.

Wynne has declined to say whether she'll stay on as party leader, but many expect her to step down.

Here's what his election means to the province.

Some of the NDP candidates that were criticized for being "too radical" have been elected: Jessica Bell in University-Rosedale, Gurratan Singh in Brampton East, and Joel Harden in Ottawa Centre.

Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault, who left the federal NDP to join the Ontario Liberals, lost to NDP candidate Jamie West.

Less than a week ago, Wynne conceded that she knew her party could not win the election. Ontario forbids the publication of new polls on election day, until voting has wrapped up.

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Ford has promised to lower taxes, spend C$5 billion on the subway in Toronto and cut some C$6 billion from the provincial budget without eliminating jobs.

Ford, who served on Toronto's city council when his brother was mayor, has spent much of his life running the family's label business.

After numerous candidates for the 2018 election had been nominated and the PC platform released, former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown was forced to resign amid #MeToo allegations levelled at him by former female staffers.

Ford described his platform as "modest" but it includes several large commitments that Ontarians might notice once implemented, including a 20% middle class tax cut, a corporate tax cut, booze in corner stores, 10 cents off a litre of gasoline, thousands of new long-term care beds and possibly private sales of cannabis. Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner has been elected the MPP in the riding of Guelph.

The race was thrown open for this election when the incumbent and prominent Liberal Liz Sandals announced she would not run again. The NDP will now be the largest opposition party, with about 40 seats.

Pundits said the NDP leader had tapped into the prevailing mood with a mostly sure-footed folksy pitch.

Harden's activist past made him a target of the Ontario PCs during the campaign, who drew on his past comments about climate change - "intolerance and hate" he hopes to combat in the legislature.

However, Horwath's campaign also played into Ford's hands.

The low numbers might not have been surprising considering the situation Wynne inherited from her predecessor, Dalton McGuinty.

Horwath's campaign slogan was "Change for the better". The Conservatives and NDP were neck and neck in most polls based on popular support, though Ford's backing was more widely spread across the province, leading to more seats.

Despite those significant obstacles, Wynne took on her new role as premier with great optimism.

A current example at the federal level is the Green Party of Canada, which does not hold official party status in the House of Commons.

The province used new technology in this election, and problems with some of the electronic vote tabulators caused delays in a few polling stations.

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