Trump's overhaul of vets care is no quick fix

President Donald Trump shows off the

Trump's overhaul of vets care is no quick fix

President Donald Trump is fighting a bipartisan plan to fund the much-touted expansion of veterans health care he signed into law Wednesday, as the White House argues against a boost in federal spending to fund the new initiative.

"Without subjecting the program to any budgetary constraint, there is no incentive to continue to serve veterans with innovative, streamlined and efficient quality of care", according a Trump administration memo obtained by The Washington Post.

The Veterans Choice Program originated in response to the VA wait time scandal during which VA leaders falsified wait times.

The challenge going forward is to regain the trust of many private health care providers who have had past difficulties in getting payment from the VA for care provided to veterans, Roe said.

"On the anniversary of D-Day, we're reminded of the sacrifices of our courageous veterans and that we owe our service members a debt that can never be repaid".

President Donald Trump has signed a bill into law that will expand private care for veterans as an alternative to the troubled Veterans Affairs health system. "Our veterans fought for our freedoms, they shouldn't have to fight the system to receive the care they need and deserve".

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's office confirmed Ryan (R., Wis.) agrees with the White House that the new veterans programs should be paid for with existing funds, rather than increasing spending.

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"If the VA can't meet the needs of a veteran in a timely manner, that veteran will have the right to go right outside to a private doctor".

While the VA Choice Program was meant to provide Veterans with flexibility in receiving care, its results were far from acceptable.

Wednesday, Trump signed the VA Mission Act of 2018. "Our historic law gets rid of the government bureaucracy that has stood between Montana veterans and their health care".

Using President Barack Obama's Commission on Care as a model, a committee will be created with representatives from the House, Senate, medical experts and veterans organizations to direct the review and help the VA streamline, he added.

The VA system structure is now based on the way medical services were provided from the 1960s to the 1980s, he said.

"Some degree of community care is necessary, because no one should have to wait three months or drive 200 miles to get a flu shot", said John Hoellwarth, communications director for AMVETS. This measure is aimed at changing that by phasing out the VA choice program after one year.

"I think this will make it an easier process", said Quincy native Jack Wingerter, 66, a 27-year Navy veteran who now lives in Belleville.

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