Avalanche Studios announces Generation Zero, first screenshots and details

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Avalanche Studios announces Generation Zero, first screenshots and details

Generation Zero is set to release sometime in 2019.

Generation Zero is an open-world action game set in 1980's Sweden, where hostile machines have invaded the serene countryside.

Further, it doesn't seem to lack any ambition, despite being a self-published title, aka without the backing of Square Enix or Bethesda like its other projects have had. It's unclear just yet if or how these will factor into gameplay, but it should make for a more tangible world and will hopefully have to be considered while coming up with a strategy.

Explore a vast open world, rendered with the proprietary Apex engine, featuring a full day/night cycle with unpredictable weather, complex AI behavior, simulated ballistics, highly realistic acoustics and a dynamic 1980's soundtrack.

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Let's be honest, the machines are mere years from taking over the world, which means it's time to start preparing your game plan.

1-4 Player Seamless Multiplayer.

According to the YouTube description, gamers will use battle-tested guerrilla tactics to lure, cripple or destroy enemies in "intense, creative sandbox skirmishes".

The Generation Zero world has days and nights and the robots are "persistently simulated", meaning the enemy is constantly roaming around looking to take you out. Dropping players into a science fiction twist on 1989 Sweden, you can either go it alone or team up in four player co-op to take on a robotic invasion force. If you manage to destroy a specific enemy component, be it armor, weapons or sensory equipment, the damage is permanent. That means you can come back minutes, hours or even weeks later and the enemy will still bear its battle scars.

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