Israeli Forces Kill Yet Another Tamimi Family Member

Israeli Forces Kill Yet Another Tamimi Family Member

Israeli Forces Kill Yet Another Tamimi Family Member

Pro-Palestinian Israeli activist Jonathan Pollak, who was in Nabi Saleh, told MEE that Tamimi was shot with live fire at least twice including one bullet that hit him in the back of neck and exited while he was 45 metres away from the soldiers.

The mourners chanted slogans calling for the resistance to "avenge the blood of martyr Najjar" and reasserted that they will continue to participate in the "return marches" on the security fence separating the Gaza Strip and the rest of Palestine. The 21-year-old Ezz al-Din Tamimi was shot at close range Wednesday during an early morning raid.

The Israeli military said its forces were approached by a dozen Palestinians throwing rocks.

It said the investigation was continuing, and the results would be passed to the military advocate general.

Israel accuses Hamas of using demonstrators as human shields while trying to carry out attacks and says it is defending its sovereign border.

Israel's killing of unarmed Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza has earned it severe criticism in recent months.

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The protests are organized as the commission accused the Israeli army of vandalizing tires and tents in southern Gaza Strip that are usually used during the protests in five different locations along with the border between eastern Gaza Strip and Israel.

Israel's high-tech army, which has found solutions to shoot down incoming rockets and destroy underground attack tunnels, has not been able to figure out a way stop the simple kites.

"I expect the army to treat those who launch these kites just like any other terrorist", Erdan said.

About 200 have floated across the border, torching mpre than 2,000 acres of farmland.

"Our crews provided medical assistance to seven Palestinians who had been injured near Nablus, including one in serious condition", the PRC said in a statement.

The Shin Bet says a resident of a Palestinian refugee camp in east Jerusalem is among those in custody for his involvement in the plot, orchestrated from Syria, to harm Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

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