Dialogue with Trump could be 'constructive': Putin

President Donald Trump arrives to participate in the G7 Summit welcome ceremony Friday

President Donald Trump arrives to participate in the G7 Summit welcome ceremony Friday

The Friendship Medal of the People's Republic of China was presented to Mr Putin personally by Chinese President Xi Jinping in a grand ceremony held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Friday (June 8).

"No matter what fluctuations there are in the global situation, China and Russian Federation have always firmly taken the development of relations as a priority", Xi told Putin at the start of their formal talks.

Although G7 leaders ignored US President Donald Trump's proposal to invite back Moscow into the club, Putin said he would be happy to be readmitted. Such relations have contributed to the building of a new type of global relations and a community with shared future for humanity, Xi said.

Rouhani hailed as constructive and important Moscow's role in implementing the nuclear deal.

Russian President Vladimir Putin too sounded critical of the U.S. decision, saying the move may destabilise the Gulf region.

Rouhani also stressed the importance of developing bilateral cooperation in the fields of culture, science and technology and expressed hope that the Chinese government would facilitate issues for Iranian businessmen and students including in the banking sector.

Asked for his impression of the Chinese leader for life, Putin said Xi was "approachable and sincere", as well as "perhaps the only state leader who has celebrated my birthday with me".

The United States and Russia's relationship has remained a big part of Trump's presidency since the 2016 election.

Putin played up his bond with "good friend" Xi in an interview with China's state broadcaster CGTN this week.

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While Donald Trump is in Canada getting the cold shoulder from G7 leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin is receiving accolades in China.

"Why are we having a meeting without Russian Federation?"

Speaking to AFP in Lithuania's capital Vilnius, senior Iranian official Massoumeh Ebtekar said Iran hoped European powers, Russian Federation and China would confirm their willingness to uphold the deal "as soon as possible because Iran can not wait forever". "The ball, I believe ..."

"There have been no concrete agreements or understandings, and no specific discussions are being conducted now", Peskov said.

Now in the wake of the US withdrawal from the pact, "SCO members may use granting full membership to Iran as a way to demonstrate support for [Tehran] and the nuclear agreement", said Dawn Murphy, professor of worldwide security studies at the US Air War College.

He added: 'We will be ready to greet them all in Moscow'.

Russian Federation did not choose to leave the G7 and would be happy to host its members in Moscow, President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday when asked about U.S. President Donald Trump's suggestion that Russian Federation should have been at its latest meeting.

Xi and Putin and others pledged their support of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal from which President Donald Trump withdrew the US last month.

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