Halo Infinite Announced by Microsoft!

Halo Infinite Announced by Microsoft!

Halo Infinite Announced by Microsoft!

Microsoft have announced Master Chief will be returning for Halo Infinite in a new cinematic trailer.

The game takes place after the events of Halo 5 and once again stars Master Chief.

Microsoft also announced the founding of a new studio, The Initiative, based in Santa Monica, who are creating new game experiences.

Microsoft is developing a new Xbox console, the company's head of Xbox said on stage at E3 2018 today. The game looks lovely already but will see a higher visual fidelity through the power of Xbox One X.

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Three years later, Xbox's backward compatibility for older games has become one of the console's defining features.

Unless Elsa and co are only gracing the Xbox gamers with their chilly presence, we already know that Kingdom Hearts 3 is a multi-platform game coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Microsoft launched the Xbox One in November 2013 under a cloud of policy reversals and confused messaging. The new studios will pump up the number of games available exclusively on Xbox, in a move addressing criticism that Microsoft has fallen behind its peers in launching innovative games for its console. That's a bold statement that just enriches the value of the subscription, though you have to think that it's just one "big thing" from away from making new subscribers and also keeping them. Unfortunately for impatient fans, however, the release date is likely still a long ways away. Cyberpunk 2077 rounded off the show, though as the PS4 is the better selling console, you'd have to expect that more people will play the game on there rather than on Microsoft's hardware.

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