Xbox and Coalition Announce Gears of War 5 - Reveal Trailer

Microsoft unveiled three new titles at E3 2018 set in the Gears of War franchise, though it has dropped the "of War" from its name, opting just to call them "Gears". But that's not all, Microsoft-owned studio The Coalition is also working on two Gears of War spin-offs: Gears Pop, a mobile game, and Gears Tactics, a strategy game. Funko is working closely with the game's developers, and there will be up to 16 different Pop figures and variants based upon the new game.

Perhaps the most freakish news to come out of the event, however, was the announcement of Gears Pop!

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There are big plans ahead for the Gears of War franchise.

While admittedly adorable, the news of "Gears Pop" was very much over-shadowed by the announcement of the highly anticipated "Gears of War 5" and "Gears of Wars: Tactics" for PC. Gears 5 will also be enhanced for Xbox One X, supporting 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) at 60 frames per second (FPS). We'll find out plenty more in the time between now and then, so we'll definitely be keeping an ear to the ground for more.

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