December's Smash Bros. Ultimate includes every existing character, plus Ridley


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Nintendo gave players a closer look at "Super Smash Bros.: Ultimate" for the Switch on Tuesday.

As with a lot of games we saw coming out of this year's E3 Direct, Super Mario Party will be releasing soon on October 5 of this year exclusively on the Switch. Called Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the game includes every character that has appeared in any edition of Super Smash Bros - that's more than 60 fighters.

Some characters, like Cloud and R.O.B, will have gauges visible on screen to improve strategic play, while others, like Ike have multiple voice options.

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Ridley has also been confirmed for the game as a playable character. We went hands-on with a near-final build at a pre-E3 event and found that it has enough to make it a fully fledged sequel, not just a glorified DLC pack. The trailer showed a group of friends putting two Nintendo Switch consoles side by side to play Super Mario Party together.

The show began with a segment of new game Daemon X Machina, an explosive mech battle game, from Marvelous Entertainment.

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