Dominos Is Filling In Potholes Across America To Save Your Pizza

Courtesy of Domino's

Courtesy of Domino's Courtesy of Domino's

"We know that feeling is heightened when you're bringing home a carryout order from your local Domino's store", Domino's USA President Russell Weiner said in a statement. They can dent your auto, burst your tires, cause serious injuries to cyclists-and (heaven forbid) cause irreparable damage to your pizza, says Domino's.

Jenny Fouracre, the chain's director of public relations, said Domino's had provided grants to those municipalities for road fix and would do the same for towns nominated on the website.

Domino's Pizza is paving streets across America as part of its "Paving for Pizza" campaign.

Russell Weiner, president of Domino's US, weighed in in a Monday news release: "Have you ever hit a pothole and instantly cringed?"

Have you ever been driving your pizza home and you either get into an accident or hit a pothole, destroying your pizza?

Courtesy of Domino's
Courtesy of Domino's Courtesy of Domino's

The pizza chain announced on Monday that it would partner with American towns and cities to fix their potholes, ostensibly to provide a smoother ride home for takeaway pizzas.

Customers can nominate their cities on the Domino's website, reports Yahoo Finance.

A video promo shows paving teams, with branded trucks, steamrollers and hardhats, filling in the treacherous potholes and making them safe for pizza delivery.

The website for the effort includes video that allows users to see what four different road conditions can do to a pizza traveling to a customer. Crank it up to critical and the pizza takes some damage, while on a catastrophic road, you might just lose your cheese.

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