Death Stranding gameplay trailer is beyond mysterious

E3 2018 Death Stranding Extended Trailer Debuted

E3 2018: Watch the wild new Death Stranding trailer

Hideo Kojima's first major project since his departure from Konami has been teased with freaky cinematic trailers for over a year, but now players can finally have a look at what Death Stranding really has in store for them.

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Since its initial announcement, Death Stranding has been a constant enigma for gamers to puzzle over. Perhaps after this long, we were hoping for a lot more. The trailer lasted several minutes and revealed that Sam (Norman Reedus), part of Corpse Disposal Team 6, was a delivery man of sorts. While Norman Reedus is the star of the game, if the trailer is any indication, you could be put in charge of various characters throughout the story. To make things even stranger, we see a sequence where a character uses a baby powered device to evade the clutches of stringy supernatural ghosts, albeit unsuccessfully. No combat, just traversal... and removing an injured toenail. Ugh. Unfortunately, he didn't quite evade their notice, and the scene concluded with a bunch of the creepy wraiths dragging him down into a deep black puddle. Two more members of its all-star cast were also added: Mission Impossible and Grand Budapest Hotel actress Léa Seydoux (who eats a bug, natch) and Grey's Anatomy alumna Lindsay Wagner. Then Wagner appeared at the end of the trailer as someone who seems to know Sam, though he doesn't know her. We still don't know when the game will release, but we definitely can not wait to see more from Death Stranding, so stay tuned.

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