Intel To Power Up Its First Discrete GPU Confirmed For 2020 Launch

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Intel To Power Up Its First Discrete GPU Confirmed For 2020 Launch

Whether this is an evolution of Intel's Gen GPU or an entirely new architecture remains to be seen, as there are good arguments for both sides.

Taking to Twitter, Intel confirmed: "Intel's first GPU coming in 2020", with a link detailing the appointment of Raja Koduri as the chief architect and general manager of the company's newly formed Core and Visual Computing Group, which - surprise, surprise - will focus on graphics.

At the moment there are only two GPU players, and these are the best graphics cards around.

The initiative will set Intel up for building a portfolio of graphics chips not just for gaming and PC enthusiasts, but for the enterprise in the data center and artificial intelligence. This GPU is nearly certainly aimed at compute users first and foremost - especially if Intel adopts a bleeding edge-like strategy that AMD and NVIDIA have started to favor - but Intel's dGPU efforts are not entirely focused on professionals. We might even have a GTX 1180 from Nvidia by then too.

Intel Raja Koduri
Intel's Raja Koduri

The discrete GPU market has always been dominated by Nvidia and AMD, but the incumbents could face more competition if Intel's discrete GPU plans succeed under Koduri. But the long development cycle for a high-end GPU means that this project was undoubtedly started before Raja Koduri joined Intel in late 2017 - most likely it would have needed to kick off at the start of the year, if not in 2016 - so this implies that Koduri has indeed inherited an existing Intel project, rather than starting from scratch.

Intel also followed up with a tweet featuring Raja's handsome, beaming face and a reassertion that its first discrete GPU was coming in 2020. That would give it a quick way to produce a graphics card that would at least have nominally competitive performance.

"Though few doubt the capability of Intel for chip design, building a new GPU architecture from the ground up is not a small task". And that's going to require a lot of work on Intel's side and it spending a lot of time working with game developers.

For now, we'll have to wait and see what CES 2019 brings us.

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