John Boyega has a message for online trolls harassing his co-stars

"To the majority of Star Wars fans thank you for supporting and putting yourselves in our shoes", he added.

In a new interview, found in the companion book to James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction TV series, the Star Wars creator has spoken out on the details and claimed fans would have hated his sequel trilogy. Mark Hamill himself also responded to Boyega's tweets, joking telling his co-star, "Be careful there son- the last time I let a fan put themself in my shoes, they just took off running & sold them on Ebay". And the Whills are the ones that actually control the universe. At one point, that was even the working title for Star Wars (you can find out more about that over here).

Given the disappointing box office take of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which came in far under expectations and ends the streak of three years in a row where the top box office movie was a Star Wars movie, perhaps an 18-month break from the franchise could do some good for the franchise.

Sounds like he wanted to do an Osmosis Jones-esque adventure in the microscopic universe contained within the larger Star Wars universe. So in George Lucas' mind, the stories of Star Wars have always been tales relayed to us by these creatures called the Whills. But for now, fans can at least start theorizing with this little peek into the Star Wars that could have been. We're vessels for them. Rogue One featured references to the Whills, as Chirrut Îmwe was described as being a former Guardian of the Whills who protected the Temple of the Kyber. "The Whills, in a general sense, they are the Force". This nearly feels like a direction similar to what Ridley Scott did with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant (for better or worse).

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It seems Lucas' trilogy featured more of the midi-chlorians, the Whills of the Force, and would have tied the entire Star Wars saga together. But I never got to finish.

"If I'd held onto the company I could've done it [seen the story through to its end], and then it would have been done".

Boyega's tweet comes in the wake of Kelly Marie Tran, who played Rose Tico in The Last Jedi, deleting her posts on Instagram - and the speculation that she may have been prompted to do so by harassment from fans.

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