Uber launches Lite app for developing markets

Uber targets millions of new users with lite app

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The same can be said with fully featured applications that are trying to run on low-power hardware as the performance always becomes an issue. For many people with older or budget Android phones, it's still something they must contend with every day.

Uber has been working on spreading its presence to these new and emerging markets and has found that slow performance of their application has caused many to look elsewhere. The new application weighs in at only 5MB in size and has proven to work well on networks that have limited speeds and/or poor connectivity issues.

Guided pickups - Uber Lite guides users through the request experience by detecting their current location, so minimal typing is required.

Using GPS, the app will automatically detect users' location, and there will also be a familiar textbox where they will be able to enter their destination details.

"After extensive research with our riders, it was obvious we couldn't just make a smaller copy of Uber".

On top of that, Uber Lite caches a city's top pickup places when you're offline, so you don't even need a network connection to bring them up.

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Similar to the original Uber app, the lite edition will also learn to give smarter recommendations to the users based on usage habits.

Uber says the Lite version of the app will work on any Android phone and on any network, as well as taking up the equivalent of three selfies in space. Should you opt not to, a progress bar (coming soon) will show your trip's progress.

Uber Lite is now being trialed in India, which is likely to be its most popular market, and more features such as language selection and offline requesting are coming soon.

We continue to see exponential growth outside of the USA, and are thinking a lot about about building for the next hundreds of millions of riders who we hope will choose Uber to get around.

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