Don't have sex with foreign men’

Tamara Pletnyova

Tamara Pletnyova

Pletnyova warned that even if a foreign visitor ends up marrying a Russian woman, it can still bring about difficulties.

She spoke in response to a question from a radio station about the so-called "Children of the Olympics" after the Moscow Games in 1980, a time when contraception was not widely available in the country. "It's good if they're one race, but if they're of a different race, then it's worse".

"These children suffer and have suffered, even since Soviet times", she told Govorit Moskva.

Tamara Pletnyova, head of the family, women and children's affairs committee, argued that even if these relationships led to marriage, women or their children would inevitably be taken overseas by the man. We should bear our own children. I'm not a nationalist, but nonetheless. They are being dumped and this is it. "I know that the children suffer as well, and then they are abandoned and stay here with the mother".

Urging women to marry "Russian citizens" instead, she said that children risked being "abandoned and just left with their mother" or being taken overseas by their fathers.

'Then they come to see me at parliament and cry that their children were taken away, snatched from them.

"Even if they marry, they move her overseas, then she does not know how [to return] from there", Pletnyova, who is known for her conservative remarks, told the Govorit Moskva (Moscow Speaks) radio station on Wednesday.

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"I would like to see marriages in our country for love, regardless of the nationality, between those who are citizens of Russian Federation, who will build a good family, live with togetherness, have children and raise them", she said.

Her comments drew criticism and ridicule.

'I would like to say that these girl journalists should look more decent, put clothes on themselves when entering a state building, instead of having their belly buttons naked, ' Pletnyova said in an interview with Ekho Moskvy radio.

'We're not in America or Europe. If a woman doesn't want it, no one is going to harass her, ' she told news site in February.

The FIFA 2018 World Cup kicks off when hosts Russian Federation take on Saudi Arabia at Luzhniki Stadium on Thursday.

Pletynova has been an MP since the first post-Soviet parliament in 1993.

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