EU Rubbishes Labour's Brexit Vision, Calling it "Cakeism"


Philip Lee announced his resignation at a Bright Blue event this morning

One compromise plan put forward by the rebels would ensure that if there was no Brexit deal by the end of November, ministers must seek Parliament's approval for its plan to proceed. The Prime Minister seems to have averted disaster for her government this week - but maybe only this week.

Anna Soubry tweeted: 'If the PM goes back on that there will be no agreed amendment that I can support'.

Dominic Grieve, the former attorney general who led the rebellion, claimed he had killed off the prospect of a "no deal" Brexit and suggested it was Dr Lee's resignation that triggered the climbdown, but the government said no such concession had been made.

He told BBC Two's Newsnight: "If it doesn't happen then obviously this isn't the end of the matter because ultimately it is very likely that this amendment will come back". "It enables parliament to dictate to government its course of action in an worldwide negotiation".

Pressure intensified when, in a series of votes in the House of Lords last month, peers changed key aspects of May's Brexit plans, even voting to keep Britain in the single market and customs union.

Labour's leadership, meanwhile, will be on alert for a potential rebellion after ordering its MPs not to back proposals for a Norway-style agreement with the European Union.

Jeremy Corbyn issued a three-line whip - the strictest of all orders - to abstain on an amendment that would have forced the government to negotiate staying in the European Economic Area.

A commitment that there will be no "physical infrastructure, including border posts, or checks and controls" in Northern Ireland has effectively killed a no deal scenario with the EU, MPs have heard.

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"And my constituents, those Leave constituents, who have been insulted, day in, day out, by some of the comments in this House are not against all migration, but they do want to have a sense that we can turn the tap on and off when we choose".

Mr Kawczynski said: "I find it absolutely unforgivable for any Conservative MP to try to bind the hands of the Prime Minister in this monumental decision". He said he would vote against the prime minister.

Yesterday Phillip Lee, a justice minister who reportedly held talks with the group, became the first member of the government to resign over the Mrs May's Brexit policy.

Barnier's remarks in Brussels, following a new round of Brexit talks, come as tensions mount within the British government over how best to handle its departure, the first time an European Union member state has ever left the world's biggest trading bloc.

Welcoming the move, a Labour spokesperson said: "Labour has repeatedly emphasised that Brexit can not lead to a hard border in Northern Ireland or any disruption to the North-South cooperation guaranteed by the Good Friday Agreement".

"Time will tell as to whether this is just another attempt to buy off the rebels or a real attempt at consensus".

In a dramatic day of votes on Theresa May's flagship Brexit bill, a bid to give teeth to the Prime Minister's promise of "no physical infrastructure" on the border was waved through successfully without a vote. Lingering concerns over the way the Brexit referendum was won were fueled over the weekend when it emerged that Arron Banks, a major donor to the Leave campaign, had previously undisclosed meetings with senior Russian officials in the run-up to the June 2016 vote.

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