God of War Is Getting A New Game Plus

God of War Is Getting A New Game Plus

God of War Is Getting A New Game Plus

Announced by Sony during their E3 2018 conference intermission, is that their awarding winning God of War will receive a new game mode. Sony says that it's the single most requested enhancement for God of War and it's happy to follow through for fans who have been keeping their fingers crossed for the New Game+ Mode. The higher the difficultly level, the better the reaction of the AI enemies.

It's been almost two months since Sony launched God of War on the PS4, giving players ample time to complete the game.

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No, this doesn't mean you'll be getting new content, but you will be able to experience the game a lot differently than the first time around.

God of War is available for the PlayStation 4. Previously, the developer demonstrated a commitment to their title with the recently implemented photo mode.

Things like you armour, skills, loot and so on will remain. Although you will be starting with significantly greater power, the game's difficulty will also increase at a commensurate rate.

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