New 200PS petrol engine for Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar E Pace 2018

JAGUAR Jaguar E Pace 2018 SUV updates have been revealed

Perhaps the biggest enhancement to the E-Pace is the inclusion of Jaguar's self-learning technology, Smart Settings, which made its debut on the all-electric I-PACE.

The other upgrade applied to the E-Pace is what Jaguar calls Adaptive Dynamics.

The British brand has announced it will expand the line-up for its little E-Pace luxury SUV, which already features a not so little range of 38 variants. It emits 186g/km of CO2, with average fuel consumption of 34.4mpg.

Jaguar E Pace 2018 REVEALED
Jaguar E Pace 2018 REVEALED

Jaguar says that the auto will be able to recognise drivers as they approach the vehicle, based on their key fob and their phone's Bluetooth signal. If trends and algorithms can be observed - the auto being started at a particular time each day, for example - it allows the vehicle to be tailored automatically to such conditions. Up to eight profiles can be set up which, Jaguar said, makes this a worthwhile option for fleet users and those who share their vehicles. You can get Smart Settings as part of the so-called Connect Pro Pack, which also brings a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, navigation, real-time traffic and parking availability info.

Launched spectacularly with the world's furthest barrel roll by a production vehicle, E-PACE has already achieved strong sales in a highly competitive segment and won a string of awards, including being named as BBC TopGear Magazine's 2017 "Crossover of the Year". This provides greater scope to tune the balance between handling responses and body control. Jaguar's Adaptive Dynamics system, now available on every auto in its range bar the XJ, has Normal and Dynamic modes, with the former majoring on comfort and the latter focusing on agility. The intelligent set-up delivers faster responses and a dedicated off-road tune.

Another addition to the E-Pace range is adaptive suspension. At 186g/kg, the emissions of the new 2.0-liter are higher than the more powerful engines already offered in the E-Pace, but the emissions of those two will rise when the new WLTP testing system comes into full force. Normal mode focuses on comfort while Dynamic is calibrated to provide increased body control and road holding. The highly efficient filters are neatly integrated to the after-treatment system and trap ultrafine particulates as the exhaust gases pass through.

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