Red Cross launching blood drive dubbed "Missing Types"

Red Cross launching blood drive dubbed

Red Cross launching blood drive dubbed "Missing Types"

The Missing Type campaign is taking place during National Blood Donor Week, which this year is commemorating its 10th anniversary. Download the Red Cross Blood Donor app or call your local Red Cross Donation Center and make an appointment.

Today, the American Red Cross launches the Missing Types campaign, an worldwide effort to encourage new blood donors, as well as donors who have not given in years, to give blood and to help ensure lifesaving blood products are available for patients in need.

"Imagine life without the letters A, B and O, let alone Scrabble", said Silungile Mlambo, the SANBS's chief marketing officer.

World Blood Donor Day is an annual event celebrated every year on June 14 by the people in many countries around the world.

"We know that we're not going to be able to keep up with the requirements for the nation's blood supply if that keeps happening", she said. It's not just blood: it's keeping families together. The blood donor population is shrinking, and more blood donors are needed now to fill the gaps.

Blood and blood products are a critical part of everyday medical care including major surgeries, medical procedures, cancer treatments and managing disease. All South Africans can join in by temporarily deleting the As, Bs and Os from their social media handles. Give blood. Share life, the Regional Director noted that although countries have made significant progress to improve the availability and safety of blood, the demand for blood transfusion is increasing.

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The so-called autonomy conferences will consider two different proposals to allow schools to cancel the aid. If he played in one more game, he would not have been eligible for a medical redshirt.

He has asked people to donate before they go on their holidays. This is not just a Red Cross trend, but it is also a challenge that blood collection organizations face across the country and around the globe.

New Jersey Blood Services/New York Blood Center (NYBC) has declared a blood emergency.

Canadian Blood Services officials note the need for blood remains constant, especially through the summer months, as road traffic and accidents often increase. World Blood Donor Day falls on the birthday of Karl Landsteiner (June 14, 1868).

People who suffer from anaemia, STIs, HIV/AIDS, as well as individuals who are underweight or under the age of 16, are among those ineligible to donate.

Red Cross blood and platelet donors can save time at their next donation by using RapidPass to complete their pre-donation reading and health history questionnaire online, on the day of their donation, before arriving at the blood drive.

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