Tesla Autopilot update to include first 'full self-driving features'

Tesla’s ‘Autopilot’ is getting an upgrade

Tesla's August Autopilot update will begin to enable "full self-driving features"

Previously, he promised to send the first generation Tesla Roadster in space, which he actually did.

It's not clear which features will arrive first, but Tesla says its full self-driving will allow the auto to figure out routes, navigate streets without lane markings, manage intersections with traffic lights, stop signs, and roundabouts, and handle highways.

Musk has aspirations to place these boosters all around the auto, not just on the rear of the vehicle for thrust.

Tesla unveiled the new Roadster in November.

At the unveiling event, Musk had revealed a list of extraordinarily impressive specifications for the automaker's upcoming supercar, saying that it would boast a range of 620 miles, and will have the ability to accelerate from 0-60 mph in barely 1.9 seconds. Also with the Model Y SUV in the pipeline, the new Roadster has been slated for 2020.

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The rocket boosters take the form of a "sophisticated bottle" that fires bursts of high-pressure air out the back of the sports auto, the electric-transport news site adds.

Unlike the Model 3, the Tesla Roadster isn't created to try to replace our cheaper petrol cars with EVs. The rocket engines will obviously help the auto accelerate faster and reach higher top speed.

The company wouldn't elaborate on exactly what the features are, by the way, but we'd suggest they'll take better advantage of the Enhanced Autopilot suite listed on the Tesla website. Musk called the new Tesla Roadster a "smackdown" to conventional vehicle companies, and after taking a look at the specs, I think he has a point. That's not as fast the Koenigsegg Agera S, but with that acceleration, I don't think anyone will mind.

Big response or a clever decoy?

Tesla has been garnering more criticism as it burns through cash and has suffered from a significant amount of production delays.

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