Murder of Australian comedian sparks outcry over violence against women

Eurydice Dixon

Comedian Eurydice Dixon was remembered by Julia Morris as an"important and funny voice

"Instead of telling our girls not to walk through parks, maybe we should be telling our boys not to rape them". Her murder reminds us of the persistent and vicious war on women, that even when we think we're safe, we're not.

"We do have to show women respect".

In an eerie line, Ms Dixon says such a society "won't happen for ages, we'll all by dead by then".

Marching alongside one another, both teams and coaches huddled around the makeshift shrine for 22-year-old Eurydice Dixon, and held a moment of silence.

To suggest women shouldn't walk alone at night is not only offensive, it completely disregards the burden of getting a vehicle.

It finishes, "Men, just carry on as you were, this is not your problem OK?"

"It was quite telling that a lot of blokes spoke about it at training on Thursday night". We've got a lot of important women in our lives.

A team of roughly 100 police, Red Cross volunteers and chaplains from the Victorian Council of Churches were on site on Saturday, with just as many members of the public paying tribute to Ms Dixon and making inquiries. Paramedics were called but they could not revive her.

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"We decided on a sister vigil to coincide with the one in Princes Park, and asked some community leaders to attend".

"I want women, and as a woman, I want to be able to be safe in my community, I want to be able to walk through the streets, I want to be safe at home and unfortunately that's not the case", Ms Neville told reporters.

Some people expressed concern that the neighborhood might not be as safe as they thought it was. So, it's infuriating to be told, "Oh, you need to look out for yourself better and you need to be more aware of the dangers", when I think that women are so, so aware of the dangers.

"This is really a similar thing where we always need to make those assessments of our safety when we're going about the community because events like this, whilst rare, can occur".

"Obviously women should be encouraged to be safe". Second, the myriad ways women already "take responsibility" for their safety.

A 19-year-old man has been charged after he handed himself into police.

In a series of tweets, Daniel Andrews, Victoria's Premier, entered the debate, commenting that violence against women would not change until men changed, reported ABC news. "Except that you are more likely to be killed at home by someone who claims they love you, so don't stay at home".

"They will do so firm in the knowledge that Eurydice died because of her attacker's decisions - not because of her own".

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