The Steam Summer Sale just launched

Steam Adds Option to See How Much You've Spent On All Your Games

The Steam Summer Sale just launched

My own number is a pretty paltry $750, but numerous games in my library came through bundle deals, review keys, and Steam sales.

Featured deals for the first day of the Steam Summer Sale include discounts on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the Fallout franchise, Tyranny, and more.

KitGuru Says: The 2018 Steam Summer Sale is on the way!

Like many of Steam's recent sales, this one doesn't have any flash sales to be on the look out for. Steam, which is available on PC or Mac, often has anywhere from 9 million to 15 million individuals playing online at any one time, with 67 million monthly active users.

There's usually some kind of theme to the Summer Sale, and this time around, that theme is space. You may also notice that some discounts are not shown right away and that it may take an hour or so before all games show the discounted price.

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So, which games should you consider if you're looking to pick something up?

To see how much you've spent on Steam, just follow this link, log into your personal account, and check the "Total Spend" row.

The Steam Summer Sale will last until July 5, giving you two full weeks to stock up on any games you need, want, or have a slight interest in buying. Be sure to download the Steam mobile app for iOS and Android.

The cards are traditionally released a week before the Steam Summer and Winter sales, with them then turning into sales cards at the start of the sales.

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