‘Fright of my life’: French teen detained for crossing US border

Jogger accidentally crosses US border from Canada and is held for two weeks

French Jogger Accidentally Crossed U.S.-Canada Border, Was Detained for Two Weeks in Washington State

Cedella Roman is the French teenager was held by USA authorities for two weeks after she accidentally jogged across the U.S. She remained detained until June 5 when, after two weeks of paperwork and processing, Roman was taken back to the border "and removed to Canada", Cutrell said. "I told him I really hadn't done it on goal, and didn't understand what was happening to me", she told the CBC.

After Roman was detained, she was reportedly transported to Tacoma Northwest Detention Centre, a facility operated by the Department of Homeland Security.

Despite pleading her innocence, Roman said she wasn't carrying identity papers and was taken off for finger-printing. "They searched me everywhere", Roman told the news site.

The teenager was allowed to contact her mother, Christiane Ferne, who quickly reached the centre with her daughter's passport and study permits, before being told she would have to get them verified by Canadian authorities.

Ferne said the lack of clear border signs had led to her daughter's predicament. "It's like a trap... anybody can be caught up at the border like this".

The story on Roman's ordeal published in the Bellingham Herald, a newspaper based on the USA side of the border in Washington state, begins with the words, "The moral of the story is when you go out for a run, walk or hike, know where you are - exactly where you are".

Jogger accidentally crosses US border from Canada and is held for two weeks
French citizen in Canada accidentally jogs across US border — and gets detained for two weeks: report

The agents who found the children in 2016 were more forgiving than those encountered by Roman and helped reunite the children with their mother. Roman is a citizen of France and she was in BC visiting her mother in May. It was then that U.S. border patrol officers, who had observed her on a security camera, stopped her.

Compared to the stream of horrors playing out near the U.S. -Mexico border, our northern boundary has been relatively quiet.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement did not respond to inquiries from The Associated Press today.

A sign near some bushes denoting the U.S.

Immigration officials on both sides of the border declined to comment on the French national's case, citing privacy concerns.

"If an individual enters the United States at a location other than an official port of entry and without inspection by a Customs and Border Protection officer, they have illegally entered the United States and will be processed accordingly", a Border Patrol spokesperson said in an email. "This applies regardless of whether or not the individual claims to have inadvertently crossed the border", the department added.

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