In sign of detente, North Korea skips annual anti-US rally

North Korea is seeking a

SUPPLIED North Korea is seeking a"new era, going forward

It would enable 100 South Korean people, mostly elderly ones, to get together with their families across the border, decades after being separated by the 1950-53 Korean War.

"There always will be challenges and there is work to do, but none of this could have happened without the commitment of the two senior leaders", Pompeo said, "and so long as that commitment stays in place, the United States is prepared to do exactly what the president said, which is create a brighter future for North Korea and provide security assurances for the North Korean people".

North Korea and South Korea have also agreed to resume the reunions of war-torn families in mid-August.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met with U.S. President Donald Trump in Singapore on June 12.

Limits placed by North Korea on the upcoming inter-Korean family reunions could be a sign of the hard road that lies ahead to implement the recent denuclearization agreements made by Kim Jong Un.

Millions of Korean families were forced apart by the division of the country at the end of World War II and the Korean War. Nearly all of them are over 70 years old.

He alluded to the rough outlines of an agreement in which North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons program in exchange for security guarantees and economic support.

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Trump announced last week that North Korea returned the remains of 200 USA or allied service members lost in the Korean War, while the Pentagon announced on Friday it would indefinitely suspend two training exercises with South Korea.

North Korea has noticeably toned down its anti-Washington rhetoric over the past several months to create a more conciliatory atmosphere for the summit and avoid souring attempts by both sides to reduce tensions and increase dialogue.

"In North Korea, the separated families are the ones who are politically labeled as the family member of the ones who escaped to the South", said Ahn Chan-il.

"One thing is really clear, is that the Kim Jong Un leadership is very much anxious about making important changes, exposing the system to the influence of outside powers", said Yonsei University's Bong Young-shik.

Singapore said on Sunday it spent Singaporean $16.3 million ($12 million) on the historic US-North Korea summit, adding it was less than initially anticipated after some in the city-state complained about the high cost.

Referring to Trump's decision to suspend United States military exercises in the region, Pompeo said that "the President was clear".

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