Warframe is coming to Nintendo Switch

Digital Extremes Partners with Panic Button to Bring Warframe to Switch - Warframe

Free-To-Play Shooter Warframe Announced For Switch: Panic Button Porting - News

Ever wished you could play Warframe on the bus, in bed, or on the toilet?

The game is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and features hundreds of of weapons and over 35 Warframes, and thousands of customisation options. The plot is centered around members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who were kept in a deep cryogenic slumber for centuries. You and three to seven tasked with completing missions to end the war. Panic Button, the studio responsible for porting games to Switch like Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, has partnered with Digital Extremes to bring the hit cooperative, sci-fi action game over to the Switch. "Railjack" will be introducing space combat, allowing players to pilot their own spaceship and take part in frenetic space battles. This company has a good track record with creating good Switch games that haven't lost their visual luster.

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"Aside from the two new expansions and Nintendo Switch release of "Warframe", Digital Extremes also announced the new Codename 'Revenant", an Eidolon-themed frame, as well as codename 'Garuda, ' a "gory" frame that enjoys "playing with" her prey.

"Our goal is cross-platform play", explains Warframe Creative Director Steve Sinclair. The wide variety of tasks players can explore in "Fortuna" will be coming to the game this fall, though there's no current concrete release date beyond that. "In the future, we are looking to release around 20 to 30 indie games on Nintendo Switch per week, and we definitely expect to see some great games among them".

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