YouTube to fight fake news with links to real news and context


YouTube will guide viewers to news websites during breaking news events in a bid to rectify its fake news problem Credit PA

In February, for example, a YouTube video suggesting that one of the high-school students who survived the mass killing in Parkland, Fla., David Hogg, was an actor hired by gun-control advocates briefly became YouTube's No. 1 trending video.

This money will go towards employing experts to help develop news-specific features, funding sustainable video operations in 20 global markets, and expanding YouTube's existing support team that are dedicated to training and assisting news organizations around the world.

This was meant to combat fake news on the platforms of the world's largest video-sharing network and give publishers more opportunities to make money.

Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan said the company isn't just compiling a simple list of trusted news outlets, noted that the definition of authoritative is "fluid" and then added the caveat that it won't simply boil down to sources that are popular on YouTube. The grants will let new orgs build out video capabilities, train staff on video best practices, and enhance production facilities. The managers said that shortly after a news event occurs, YouTube will provide a brief preview of related articles in YouTube's search results that will link to the full article.

These cards will display information from third-parties, including Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica, about certain historical and scientific topics that have been subject to misinformation and conspiracy theories-think events like the Moon landing or the Oklahoma City bombing.

Rights groups cautiously hail Liu Xia departure
Germany, which is also home to dissident artist Ai Weiwei, has been outspoken on rights in China. China had repeatedly said Liu Xia was free and accorded all rights guaranteed to her by law.

Company executives announced the effort at YouTube's NY offices. That will also include "a reminder that breaking and developing news can rapidly change", Mohan and Kyncl wrote. Google is now testing features that'll surface local news in the YouTube app for TVs, making it easier for users to find local news sources. Early members of the working group include Vox Media, Jovem Pan, and India Today.

"When a breaking news event happens, we want users to know about it", YouTube's managers wrote.

This is part of Google's broad response to the rise of fake news across the globe in recent years. Six incredible YouTube Creators, including John Green, Ingrid Nilsen, and Mark Watson, will be working with MediaWise to bring awareness to digital literacy and help educate teens.

Already available in 17 countries including the United States and UK, YouTube's Top News and Breaking News will display videos from known news sources in relevant search results for the former, and as a section on the home page in regards to the latter.

Mohan said the new features are in effect in 17 countries, including the U.S., and "we're looking to double that number in the coming months".

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