George Clooney Reportedly Injured In Motorcycle Accident In Italy

George Clooney is almost 60 years old, but he must be built like a soldier.

The family have temporarily relocated whilst George films new TV series Catch-22, which is an adaption of the 1961 Joseph Heller novel of the same name. It is set to air on Hulu in 2019. The John Paul II hospital in Olbia confirmed Clooney had been treated and released after Tuesday's accident.

The driver of the vehicle called an ambulance after Clooney was struck. According to TMZ, the 57 year old actor was driving about 60 miles per hour before the collision occurred. Clooney, who was wearing a helmet, was thrown from the scooter and flew 20 feet in the air.

Clooney is believed to have sustained a minor knee injury in the crash.

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Clooney was taken to a nearby hospital in the city of Olbia after complaining of a "slight trauma to the pelvis and bruises to one leg and an arm".

George Clooney has been taken to hospital after he was involved in a motorbike accident in Sardinia.

News of the crash broke yesterday, with initial reports saying the actor had been seriously injured. It's not clear whether he'll consider traveling on four wheels from now on, however, having previously suffered a broken rib in a motorbike accident in NY in 2007. Calls and emails to Clooney's spokesman weren't immediately returned. George was riding to the right.

They all came together at the up-market Il Marino di Puntaldia restaurants after George had finished filming. The reported "catch" in Catch-22 is, according to The Telegraph, a USAAF rule that states a crew member "is considered unstable if he keeps on flying unsafe combat missions, but if he asks to be relieved of his duties, the act of making the request proves that he is sane and therefore must stick with the job". A witness who assisted the actor at the scene, Jerry Zaslavsky, recalled that, "He seemed concerned for his friend and quiet".

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